Limousine Service

We’ve all had our fair share of cheap wines, but you won’t find any of that in Mesa County. What you will find is a multitude of fantastic wines at different price points. Wineries around the Grand Valley offer wines anywhere from $10 per bottle to upwards of $60 per bottle. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck than these are the some of the wineries you should visit!

Two Rivers Winery

Situated in the Redlands area of Grand Junction, Two Rivers Winery is in a world of its own. This is a great place to either start or finish your wine tasting tour. They have a lovely flight and they don’t charge to taste! With prices averaging around $16 per bottle. They have sweet wines, dry wines and a port that is definitely worth a visit! Find out more here.

Colorado Cellars

Colorado Cellars might have the largest wine flight in the Grand Valley. They specialize in fruit wines all costing around $15 per bottle, yet they do have something for everyone including Riesling, Syrah and Port. The wines average $16 per bottle and make great gifts for any occasion. Find out more here!

Whitewater Hill

Whitewater Hill is another local winery with a very large flight ranging from sweet to dry, and a cabernet franc that will have you wondering why you have never heard of it before! You’ll be feeling great after a visit here and may leave with a case of wine to enjoy at a backyard BBQ, a casual dinner or a casual gathering with friends. Prices average around $17.50 per bottle and are worth every penny! Find out more here!

A four to five hour wine tour is usually perfect for being able to sip, learn, socialize and shop. We get you where you need to be while relaxing and enjoying your day with your friends and family. Wine tasting should never be rushed, so four to five wineries is usually the perfect amount to enjoy in one day. Always remember to eat along the way as well, or pack a picnic to enjoy in the limo or at one of the wineries with a glass of wine!

As always, drink responsibly and always have a designated driver. We suggest hiring a limo to maximize fun and safety! Contact us today to schedule your tour!