wine tour

Palisade, Colorado has an abundance of wineries to choose from. If you are new to wine tasting or prefer wines that are lighter, sweeter or fruitier than this is the perfect wine tour for you.

The Meadery of the Rockies

The Meadery of the Rockies is a local favorite for sweet wines. The meads are made of 100% pure, raw orange blossom honey. They also offer fruit blends made of apricot, blackberry, cherry, peach, raspberry and strawberry and Dessert wines made of chocolate cherry satin, chocolate raspberry satin and honey shere. Find out more here! 

St. Kathryn Cellars

St. Kathryn Cellars offers more fruit wines that are light and sweet. Flavors include Apple Blossom, Cherry Wine, Cranberry Kiss, Golden Pear, Peach Passion, Strawberry Rhubarb, Sweet Scarlet (Red Wine Blend/Blackberry) and Lavender. Find out more here! 

Carlson Vineyards

Carlson Vineyards offers a variety of wines from light and sweet to a few dryer varietals. Many of their wines are made with fruit as well. Pop in here if you want to try something on the dryer side as well as the sweeter and fruitier. Find out more here! 

Colorado Cellars

Colorado Cellars offers a little bit of everything! From meads, to fruit wines to dry wines to ports! You are bound to find at least one varietal if not several that you will love! Find out more here!

A four to five hour wine tour is usually perfect for being able to sip, learn, socialize and shop. We get you where you need to be while relaxing and enjoying your day with your friends and family. Wine tasting should never be rushed, so four to five wineries is usually the perfect amount to enjoy in one day. Always remember to eat along the way as well, or pack a picnic to enjoy in the limo or at one of the wineries with a glass of wine!

As always, drink responsibly and always have a designated driver. We suggest hiring a limo to maximize fun and safety! Contact us today to schedule your tour!