On the 12th of April Absolute Prestige was proud to be part of the up and coming Palisade Honey Bee Festival. We took our beautiful team of  Sorrel Belgians with blonde manes & tails (Minnie & Molly) and toured around visitors in our surrey complete with fringe!

This event is really starting to take off, and this year they had over 50 vendors! For next year it would be the perfect opportunity for any business here in the Valley to advertise on our horse-drawn carriages! Check out our info here!


The trees in town were just starting to blossom! Spring is really here!


Check out our carriage as if passes by one of our H2 hummers in the background! How fun!

Even though not all the trees were green yet you can still see some blossoms in the background while Minnie & Molly wait patiently for their next passengers.